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Professional business headshot

People always ask what is the difference between a headshot with hands and a headshot that is cropped close up on the face. It depends partially on the intent of the headshot. If the end use of the headshot is LinkedIn or any other social media platform, chances are it will be published in a small size. And in that case I recommend the face take of 75 to 80 percent of the frame in order for the viewer to be able to see what you look like. If the face id 50 percent of the frame and there is either too much headroom or too much body the face will be disproportionately small.

Headshot for Website Use

If the end use of your headshot is for you website bio pic most likely it will be displayed larger than a social media profile photo. In which case it is useful for the composition to keep the hands in in order to balance out the composition. Also, when the hands are included in a photo it is beginning to take on the qualities of a portrait.

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