A 5 Star Holiday Party

December 13, 2008. I love the Five Star Holiday Party. Five Star Electric is a huge company. This year, 1300 employees and their spouses, a few associates and friends, attended their recent annual holiday party. Last year it was only 1,000! El Caribe Country Club, in Brooklyn has the space so you don’t feel crowded. Every ballroom was filled with activity. Filled! There were chocolate photo lollipops, the biggest spread of food ever (El Caribe has the best food), a reggae band, a casino, dancers, and the annual tradition of presenting watches to those employees reaching their 15 year anniversary. One of the most popular items of the evening: cotton candy. Everyone took some home!


The first to arrive

candy party favors

balloon art

15 years of service - watch recipients


the show

she's winning

cotton candy

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