Casual Bat Mitzvah Portraits – White Plains


Bat Mitzvah portraits at home offer multiple location opportunities. And just after camp season is an excellent time. Everyone is tan and so much more relaxed. We can go outside and not melt in the heat, we can shoot inside all over the house and we can set up to look like we are in a photographers studio.

Doing casual bat mitzvah portraits in advance is a smart idea for another reason. If we need blow ups for room decoration or a sign in board, the extra time is necessary for editing, selecting our favorites, retouching, printing and getting it right.

Here Aly’s favorites,  the ones she added into her montage from our photo session.


Westchester-Bat-Mitzvah-portrait-7877 casual-bat-mitzvah-portraitcasual-bat-mitzvah-portrait

Westchester-Bat-Mitzvah-portrait-7815 Westchester-Bat-Mitzvah-portrait-7842 bat-mitzvah-portrait

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