Visit the Copacabana Times Square rooftop party space and you will be drawn to the large retractable roof. When it’s open, you almost feel like you are sitting under the New York City skyline. It was this glamorous backdrop I captured for Daisy’s bat mitzvah this Spring. The morning began with a visit by the Glam Squad for hair and make up artistry. DOLO @iamantt_dolo did a beautiful job curling Daisy’s long hair. Then it was on to the Copacabana in Times Square for a torah service and lounge party. Once night fell, the enormous retractable roof was opened and it was dining under the stars. Fresh large white and bright yellow daisies adorned the lounge. Daisies for Daisy – a girl beautiful inside and out.

MC Heat – More than Music Events energized the night. He carried Daisy into the party on his shoulder for her grand entrance. I love how he paraded through the crowd and her friends. Up in the chair during the hora, notice how she didn’t hold on! That is her father helping hold the chair up. The Copa did a great job and I like how they set up the dessert table. I think blue is Daisy’s favorite color!



at home hair and makeup session before the bat mitzvah

Getting ready with hair and make up by the Glam Squad

photo of bat mitzvah girl getting ready with home make up service

blue bat mitzvah dress with jewel encrusted bodice

Pretty bright blue bat mitzvah party dress with jewel encrusted bodice

sparkly silver high heels

The sparkly silver high heels to go with the bat mitzvah dress

long and pretty bat mitzvah hair

bat mitzvah photo against a red wall

copacabana times square bat mitzvah photo

The grand entrance, on the shoulder of #MCHeat

fun bat mitzvah photo inside the dj booth at copacabana times quare

Hanging out inside the dj booth at the Copacabana

bat mitzvah hora photo

Up in the chair during the hora and not holding on

small cocktail table centerpieces of fresh large yellow and white daisies

Fresh daisy florals with grass for cocktail tables


copacabana large retractable roof shown during the day

The main lounge and dining area, situated under a large retractable. Shown here during the day.

Copacabana large retractable roof open at night

The dramatic and glamorous look when the retractable roof at the Copacabana Times Square is open at night with purple uplighting.

dessert table

Blue was the dominant color on this nicely arranged dessert and candy table.

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