A popular way to create custom holiday cards is to schedule an outdoor family photo shoot.  I usually do outdoor family photo shoots specifically for seasonal greeting cards, in Central Park, on Country Club grounds if you are a member, and in various Long Island parks. It’s much more comfortable to do when it’s not freezing out! The photo on the right was photographed in Hempstead State Lake Park in a very mild snowfall. And the kids were bundled up and we had alot of fun, even though it was a bit chilly.

If you want to order custom holidays cards I recommend scheduling your photo session before Thanksgiving for 2 reasons: the weather in New York City and on Long Island can get unpredictable and become too cold after Thanksgiving to be wearing lighter clothes, and we need enough time to approve the design and get them printed and sent out before the holiday!


Hiring a professional  is the best way to #existinphotos. “Exist in photos” was coined to call attention to a fact of modern life: with cameras in every device we carry around creating a culture of snapaholics , it is important to remember to be in photos with your children for your children. This way they have these pictures to always remember you! So often one parent or the other is behind the camera and not existing in family pictures for future generations to appreciate.


Personal stationery is available to portrait and event clients. Each card is a one-of-a-kind design. Templates are never used.  Shown below is a  5 x 5 tri-fold and a 5 x 7 flat card.

custom photography greeting cards 2013

To see more custom holiday cards click on the link below:

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Ellen Wolff is a family photographer located on Long Island and is available for photo shoots in NYC, LI and Westchester at your home or another location.

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