Double Exposures at The Irish Hunger Memorial

I am part of a photography group that meets monthly. At one of our meetings this year we got together at the Irish Hunger Memorial on Fulton Street, in Battery Park City  and made in-camera double exposures. Mine are a combination of landscapes and photos of my friends in the group.

irish hunger memorial 02_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2475 03_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2477 04_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2480 05_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2489 06_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2491 07_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2498 08_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2512 09_ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2530 10-ellenwolffphoto-double-exposures-2540

Joe Goldman Photography

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