I am so honored to be able to support the Brooke Jackman Foundation every year. I participate in the silent auction portion of their annual fundraising gala. And last year (and in other years) it was held at Mandarin Oriental New York, a 5 star hotel situated at Columbus Circle. Normally it takes about 9 months and sometimes a whole year, until I get a call from the winning bidder of my offer.  Drew’s father made the winning offer for my voucher, during the 2014 Gala.


Look at that tooth! Priceless portrait of him. One thing is certain, this little boy will never look like that again. Ever. Both of these portraits were turned into 24 inch canvases as gifts for his grandmothers. They were presented at Drew’s first birthday party. This is a quote from Drew’s mom: “The pictures are unbelievable. Both grandmas loved them!!! Thank you so much.”

1 year old boy IMG_8066 as 700px WM

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