Faina Busso is the founder and designer at Lavan Couture, a beautiful  new store located on Long Island, in Woodmere. Lavan is mostly known for creating one of a kind, modest bridal gowns. The new store has expanded and will offer designs by Maggie Norris Couture as well. I was passing the space every now and then as it was being built, and was really excited to see it develop into such a gorgeous bridal store.  The moment I entered this space I had such a strong insight  for a new website for Lavan and as it turns out Faina needed one.  You can see the new website here.  I did the photography as well – we made fresh portraits and populated the site with images from the shoot – a portrait and gorgeous details.  Faina also creates custom beaded belts and fabrics – beyond beautiful. Below are some out-takes. Except for the interior they are previously unpublished photos  – a few of my favorite portraits and several additional luxurious details.

bridal gown textures and details LaVan Couture Woodmere

store interior of LaVan Couture Woodmere

The Designer, Faina Busso

The Designer, Faina Busso

The Designer, Faina Busso at LaVan Bridal Couture

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