My friend, the painter Maggie Zox Brown had a reception this Summer. Several of her paintings are on display at a great cafe in NYC – Better Being 940 Cafe.  It is located in Hell’s Kitchen, one block away from Port Authority bus terminal at 537 Ninth Avenue near 40th Street. The food is wholesome, organic, home made, seasonal, a food oasis if you enjoy real food, totally delicious food made from scratch.

Maggie’s painting are so juicy and ripe. I love them. I love her palette, the under-painting, her brushstrokes, her subject matter.

The title of this show is: Fruit, Figures, Flowers.

Below, she is with her son at the reception, in front of a painting of him

Margaret Zox Brown painting of her son

And here is another painting on display

Maggie Zox Brown fruit painting with a spoonGo to the Cafe and enjoy the food and paintings. They will be on display until mid-October.

You can learn more about Margaret Zox Brown – here on Facebook and here on YouTube.

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