Modern Dance Audition Headshot and Dance Photos

I first photographed Misha 3 years ago. At that time we only did a headshot photo. Since that time Misha graduated form college this Spring. Audition season was approaching and it was time to look for work. When she visited me this time her intent was to make an updated headshot and take dance photos. She wanted to  try out for the Martha Graham Dance Company. Lamentation is a dance choreographed by Martha Graham. According to Wikipedia:  “In 1930, she choreographed “Lamentation”, a piece in which the dancer’s expressed emotion is aided by the Graham’s choice in fabric.” As you can see below, we channeled Lamentation by working with a large body stocking and adding sad emotions. We also made a few action shots involving very big kicks.  UPDATE: Two weeks or so after her session, Misha wrote to tell me the photos were amazing, she sent them out got an audition at the Martha graham Dance Company and she was accepted in to the Martha Graham Dance Company!


headshot for modern dance dance audition headshot headshot photo for dance school graduate audition photo of modern dancer jumping jump photo for modern dance audition kick photo for dance auditions audition photo wearing a body stocking for Lamentation modern dance audition photo

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