Park Avenue Synagogue Double Bat Mitzvah

Park Avenue Synagogue NYC Bat Mitzvah Photography

Services, shabbat dinner, luncheon after services: The Park Avenue Synagogue

Kids only lounge party: La Pomme, nightclub [now closed]

Luncheon entertainment: Klezmer



B’not Mitzvah, a double Bat Mitzvah for twin sisters.  It was my first time inside the Park Avenue Synagogue sanctuary and this particular building, finished by 1927, was a dream location for a bat mitzvah photographer. I love working in such spaces because the architectural elements used during that period included soaring spaces, often with balconies. Rodeph Sholom is another example. A balcony of the immediate family is one of my favorites, because everyone looks skinny!  And it is my job to make sure everyone looks as skinny as possible.


The sisters had 2 parties! A luncheon with a live klezmer band following Saturday services for the adults, and a lounge party on Saturday night for their friends. It was with their friends that the sisters decided to do a candle lighting ceremony, and had a Torah scroll cake made for the occassion.

The coffee table style album I designed for the family is 10 inches wide and 8 inches high. It is the most requested size album by my NYC families who need smaller books that are easier to fit within apartment bookcases.  The album is covered in a wine leather and typeset with a modern font. Several photos are below including  some pictures of the inside. Each album I produce is a custom design. The portrait pages at the beginning of the book are one on a page, further into the album are several composited pages, meaning several photos on a page layout.


Leather Craftsmen Coffee Table style Album

Leather Craftsmen Coffee Table style Album

INSIDE Leather Craftsmen Coffee Table style Album

inside Leather Craftsmen Coffee Table style Album

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