Professional Headshot – Business Portrait

Professional headshot. Business portrait. What’s the difference?

Professional headshot photography  offers a very distinct competitive advantage over a favorite point and shoot pic. A professionally lit headshot shows that you care about your image. Do you need to stand out? Do you write a newsletter, a blog? Sell real estate? Own a company? Provide a professional service? Do clients find you online and want to know about you?

I will deliver color corrected, fully optimized, and perfectly sized files for any purpose: your website, business card, brochure, newsletter (print & web), digital job application, overhead display for a speaking engagement, newspaper write-up. Anything – you name it. On the personal side, online dating is so widely accepted – your dating profile is another reason to have a well lit photo made with care. And lastly there is always, vanity.

Generally, I travel to you. This recent session featured below, provided  a challenge I was familiar with. I had to set up a (somewhat medium) professional light in a tiny NYC efficiency kitchen.  This could probably happen only in New York!

I have set up in the tightest of New York spaces, no space is too small


Sometimes the distinction is very blurry. A headshot is you on your best day. A portrait can be you on your best day and maybe not.  One thing a portrait always is, it’s always a photograph about you. Something is revealed about your personality that may not always come through in a conservative headshot.

Ann-Marie has written a book and together we crafted a series of portraits of her in the studio, at the beach and elsewhere, for use on the front and back covers, and each chapter of her book. Ten photos in all. Some are headshots others are portraits.

studio headshot and portraits for book cover

Extended sessions can yield many looks

I love this one, so I am showing it twice.

beauty portrait taken on location in nyc



Business Executive – Financial Services


bio-pic medical website

Website bio-pic for a Medical Doctor


Business Executive - Fashion

Business Executive – Fashion


headshot new york news reporter

On air – news reporter


For more information about headshots on location in NYC and Long Island,  click on these words to contact me and get more information or if you prefer, call 516-551-1745.

Everything I need on location  to do professional  headshots in NYC and on Long Island


To schedule a session or get more information, visit: Long Island New York Headshots

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