Top Tips for a Successful Headshot Session

Here are my hair, make-up, wardrobe, and grooming tips, for men & women, to help you prepare for a successful headshot session.



  • I recommend basic eyeliner & mascara, and maybe some under eye cover up if you need it.
  • A basic layer of powder foundation [not creme, it will get shiny] can be helpful for evening out the complexion. 
  • Stay away from blush.
  • Have 1 or 2 lipsticks on hand – we can pick the best one on the spot.
  • I am an expert retoucher. Complexions can be thoroughly smoothed out with retouching.

HAIR: If you will look your best with a blow-out, do it. It is nearly impossible to retouch hair. So hair needs to be the way you want it. We won’t be fooling around with it on-set. A good blow out can turn a good headshot into a great one.

WARDROBE: Dress in a way that represents the industry and business you are in. It might pay to think about how you would dress if you were making a presentation to your best client. I prefer color blocking. This means a jacket and matching dress or sweater underneath. Color blocking, or one solid color, is less distracting in the final image. Stay away from white – it can create a washed out looking complexion, and become a distracting element in the photo – competing with your face. Also, too many colors and patters should be avoided. One solid color is best. No low cut tops. Conservative necklines – up to the collar bone [not turtlenecks], crop very nicely for LinkedIn. Depending on your hair color, pick a  flattering color for you. Your personal “power color.”  As far as jewelry goes: a necklace will work if it falls within the collar.  Pearls especially. A necklace on a long chain will get cropped and thus will form a distracting element. Lastly – knits and heavy fabrics are preferred to cotton. Cotton may need to be pressed, and wrinkles will be costly if not impossible to retouch out.




  • If you are clean shaven and you shave first thing in the morning – try and wait one full hour after you wake up, and then shave. This will help reduce 5 o’ clock shadow.
  • If you have a beard, please remember to trim it evenly. Hair is extremely difficult and will be costly to retouch and clean up.
  • Trim nose hairs.


  • I prefer French Blue shirting. White can be overpowering. However it is perfectly fine if that is what you are wearing.
  • Is is best to wear a freshly pressed shirt, as it is nearly impossible to retouch out wrinkles in clothing.
  • It’s ok to bring an extra tie and we can hold them up and pick the best.


Q – I wear eye glasses. I heard it is best to take the lenses out before a headshot photo is taken. Is this true?

A – This is totally untrue. An experienced headshot photographer knows how use professional lighting and avoid glare in eye glasses.

Q – What if I still have questions.

A – Every client receives a complimentary wardrobe and grooming consult prior to the session.

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