Curves galore is all I can say!

I enjoyed my day at the TWA Flight Center at JFK International Airport, volunteering for the 12th Annual OHNY – Open House New York – Weekend.

It was a rainy day but that didn’t seem to stop the crowds from wanting a glimpse of this most glamorous of airline terminals.





TWA flight center TWA FLIGHT CENTER 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_3 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_4 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_5 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_6 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_7 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_8 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_9 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_12 2014-10-11_TWA_Flight_Center_13

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