This 55th wedding anniversary album is another gorgeous example of the custom leather-bound photo albums I make for my clients. The album shown here is called 10 by 8 horizontal, the photos inside are 10 inches wide. It is a popular size for my New York City clients who tend to be short on shelving in their apartments! The inside pages are flush to the edge, meaning there are no borders around the prints. It is a modern book. Also it was designed with a photo inset and covered in a fabric called Silver Pebble. For the photo inset cover a picture of the cake topper was selected because the image acts like a title page. Leather Craftsmen has been my bookbinder since 2003. The company was founded in 1942 on Long island and they work exclusively with professional photographers.

custom 8 by 10 inch leather bound album leather craftsmen album IMG_0100 as 400x800WM leather craftsmen IMG_0101 as 600x900WM

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